Anorectal Clinic


To minimize the prevalence of anorectal diseases by popularizing the unique Ayurvedic treatment modalities in anorectal diseases and thereby to act as an apex centre in Wayanad for the prevention and treatment of the same


Anorectal disease refers to the ailments of the anus and/or rectum. Anorectal diseases like piles, fistula and fissure in ano are common in human beings due to the erect posture as well as other food habits. Most of the patients with anorectal diseases are scared, embarrassed, uncomfortable and nervous. Hence, proper history taking will help to gain the confidence of the patient and will ease the physical examination and further procedures. Common anorectal diseases encountered in the day practice include haemorrhoids (piles), anal fissures, anal abscess/fistula, pruritis ani, anal warts, pre-malignant conditions, neoplasms, proctitis, rectal prolapse, polyps etc. All these are different entities that require different modalities of treatment. But due to misconceptions and lack of awareness, patients get the wrong treatment and face numerous complications.

Each treatment is designed to achieve minimal complications and to avoid recurrence of the disease by utilizing Ayurvedic medicines, kshara (alkali), agni (heat cauterization) and sasthra (surgical procedures).